Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mixed Media: 2nd Grade, Middle School, High School

student created the textured papers before she cut the hearts

student repurposed junk for a golden mandala

student repurposed a a discarded book and created a loopy birdhouse.

Student Artwork with Special Focus

 These are two of my special needs students' first abstract paintings.  After choosing their sunset color pallet, they each worked at: 
-creating long, smooth brushstrokes 
-painting in one direction 
-over-lapping colors 
-moving the brush completely to the edges 
-alternating widths of color 
-loading the brush with paint  
-keeping the handgrip in check 
-using a free hand to keep balance and hold the canvas now and then.

There is more to the process than meets the eye!

Blue tape was torn into strips and pressed on. Next,   top-coating with white paint, set to dry, then pulled off  for negative-positive space effect. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Student Artwork, Fall 2015

Samples from my art classes this fall ... sculpture, fusing with plastic bags, rip-tear collage, drawing, bilateral symmetry (mirror image), blind drawing with both hands simultaneously.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Grass Skirt Serenade / ukulele sculpture

ukulele sculpture
 barn timber, leather skirt, vintage trophy,
mallet handle, goblet  
Grass Skirt Serenade 
is # 6  in my series of 
stringless instruments.

This ukulele's body was cut long ago, but sat waiting for me to choose which of its painted vintage sides to use. I also needed my muse, the neck piece. 
The burgundy-red side of the barn timber won out after I sifted through leather for the grass skirt edging design. 
An old croquet mallet's turquoise- striped handle swam perfectly with the sarong-wrapped, garland-carrying trophy winner to cap it off.  
A tarnished goblet was twisted off its stem to take center stage and toast the special ceremony. 
Memories of a Hawaiian vacation and my niece's bohemian wedding serenaded me as I collaged the array of hardware on the uke's body. 
This assemblage took awhile to come to fruition, but then some love songs do.

*Dedicated to baby Kawika.
ukulele sculpture
repurposed trophy

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer Sampling of Student Art

Theme: Forest. Why not create tools to use from the forest?

Ink / Wet on wet / Draw the seed pods using your seed pod tool

Ink on dry paper / observation of grapevine while drawing with a grapevine

 Ink Monotypes / using a stick to draw a stick

close-up shark

Monday, August 31, 2015

Good Year for Free Publicity

Selling at Five Crows Gallery, Natick, MA
Selling from The DrawingRoom
 at Anthi's,  Marion, MA
also won PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD, Post Road Art Center, Marboro, MA

Sudbury Design Week group event
mentioned in NEHome

Drawing Room's window displays six of my creations

Result after working 3 hours CubScouts /
 a recycling project, now displayed at
Peter Noyes Elementary School, Sudbury, MA 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Leather Art

Sea / on display in a bank near Cape Cod, MA

Fade To Blue

Can't help myself. 

Free-motion stitching on 
repurposed leather.

My mod squad was working over-time
with my thing for circles spreading to squares. The turquoise life is ever present. 

Desert Sun 
Sand / displayed in a bank near Cape Cod, MA

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Art Gigs: Music To My Ears

Red Suede Blues: cello sonata

Danforth Museum School Faculty Show, 2015
Oh, Susannah! and Troubadour
Bit-O-Honey with the red and turquoise trim

cello comprised of 1867 pump organ parts

#sudburydesign 2015