Art Portfolio: A sampling of my creative spirit

Sand (leather & free-motion stitching)

Sea (leather & free-motion stitching)

Whodunnit (found-object assemblage)

Bookworm (discarded books and Dewey Decimal cards, barn timber)

Rote Memory (discarded books)

School of Fish (wall-hanging)

Desert Sun (leather and stitching)

Fade To Blue (leather and stitching)

Bittersweet vine spear in progress

Class of 2013. Commissioned pillow for a grad.
Tell me the 3 colors and I'll see what I can find.

Just like in nature, no two exactly alike.

Cuffs and pendants from repurposed leather almost sold-out / similar pieces may be available

Leather Lapel Posies are so delicious.

triple-wrap cuff

Past Meets Present: IllumiNation (SOLD)
(15"x34"x11") Repurposed farming implement (original paint).  Fused plastic bags make the mod shade. Vintage aluminum cheese grater base 
Pockets Of Heat 
A series of five.   (acrylic on board)

detail from #1
detail from #1

detail from #3

detail from #4
detail from #5


              Is There A Doctor in The House? 
found-object assemblage (SOLD)

The Journey

Counting Her Sunset Hours

detail from Dear Diary, acrylics, vintage text and photos, found diary

from The Noyes Farm Series / salvaged farm implements, original paint, vintage hardware & game pieces /SOLD
 Observation of plastic fruit to
create plastic Fruit.
-fused plastic bags,
free-motion stitching,

Bird's Eye View,  SOLD



Fowl Playhouse series,
previously exhibited in galleries and museum shows

On The Wings Of Monkeys
---acrylics, vintage gameboard text

Mum's The Word / mixed media assemblage
Half Way There / acrylic

Mystery Of The Snowball Effect
--awarded Honorable Mention,
acrylics, vintage gameboard text  
Farmhand Box / found-object construction / SOLD

repurposed sled (SOLD)
hooked on repurposing
salvaged / vintage / repurposed / original paint / 4'
Found-objects and vintage farm timber /original paint / SOLD
Wallfly #11 / fused plastic bags, free-motion stitching, found objects / SOLD


Pollyanna's House of Glad / SOLD
American Beauty / found object assemblage