Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Favorite Things 2010

Captured moments with family & friends.

Being courageous ... willing to stand out in a crowd.
Handmade with love.
Looking at things from unexpected perspectives & angles.
Studying things closely, appreciating tiny aspects that  easily go unnoticed.

Spontaneous creations with whatever you have, no matter where you are.
Following inviting paths and trails .
Yard Art  --- old buggy-seat-spring from farm days of yore.
Mingling of Nature and Nurture --- "Creeping Jenny" & sedum doing their thing.
Found-objects bearing rust and a patina .
 Driftwood sculptures---tales of tail-less inspiration.

 Stones ... stacked in the garden, piled on the porch.  High-tide at the beach even brings a stacking game challenge for those who can build the tallest tower.
Stones collected at the shore are autographed by everyone who visits our cottage, a way to mark your table place and to be pulled out again upon your return ... a way of saying,
 "I was here!"
 Bold circles within circles ... in my art, on and under my feet ... somehow satisfying,
Kandinsky got it right. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lesson in Repurposing: Collaged Fusings

 Fall mixed media class of 6th graders cut, layered and fused colorful plastic bags.  I added the stitching and wrapped them on repurposed boards.  Some students made coin purses and a cell phone case and I regret not capturing them on camera.

                   Beautiful work !