Gallery of Student Art

No Kit, Just Creative Wit ! 

Students design, sketch, fuse, reuse and gain confidence leaning to use tools.

Drawing from the right side of the brain, students stretch their imaginations to use new or familiar materials in unexpected ways.

The following photos offer a small sampling
of student projects.

 found-object fish

 mixed media collage

acrylic moonscape painting

 Leather scaled fish construction
24" keeper

Exploring Image Transfer and Collage

Shoe sculptures were
 cobbled from scratch.

Free-choice projects hit on creating texture, planning a color scheme, considering proportion and  balance, exploring mixed media techniques and sharing hints about oneself.  

WALLFLIES (---fused plastic bags, wire, wood, acrylic paint)

Collaged Containers (Bingo Bowls)

Pieced and Fused Plastic Bags

votive lanterns

cellphone case and shoulder bag

 Fused Glass

Soft Sculptures:
Snowgnomes made from repurposed sweaters
and hardware.

Cellulose Sculpture


the skeleton framework

footed vessel

Wish Huts



 Shrinky Dink Jewelry

Color and Ink


Studio Classes