Friday, November 19, 2010

Fused Polyethylene ? What's That About?

What is that?  Did you paint it?  How did you get all those colors?
These are some of the questions posed to me when people see my art  ...  my surface design ... my fused paintings ... my belts and bags.

Simply stated, the fabric I create is made from colorful discarded plastic bags;  the process is fusion.  I cut, layer, piece and fuse (using heat) to make my cloth.   Free-motion stitching seems to bring it all together .  The crazed stitching is my "scraffito"--- a scratching & graffiti technique which I love to use in my paintings.  These defining lines bring the finishing pop to my design.  The process is now demystified !

Sewing is a skill I picked up as a child and I continue to use it,  even when I wire objects together in my sculptural assemblages.  After years of exploring and building skills in paint, collage, sewing, weaving, glass fusion,  glass blowing, sculpting with clay and found objects,  this type of surface design just seems to fit right in.

Teaching others, challenging people to be creative and see things differently, brings me great pleasure.  Passing on skills is empowering ... I love seeing an 11-year-old girl gain confidence with a hot-glue gun or a hand-drill.  Encouraging a child to "go ahead and cut that apart", to use things in new, unexpected ways is drawing on the right side of the brain. Creating art  truly makes my heart sing and I strive to pass it on.

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