Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Favorite Things 2010

Captured moments with family & friends.

Being courageous ... willing to stand out in a crowd.
Handmade with love.
Looking at things from unexpected perspectives & angles.
Studying things closely, appreciating tiny aspects that  easily go unnoticed.

Spontaneous creations with whatever you have, no matter where you are.
Following inviting paths and trails .
Yard Art  --- old buggy-seat-spring from farm days of yore.
Mingling of Nature and Nurture --- "Creeping Jenny" & sedum doing their thing.
Found-objects bearing rust and a patina .
 Driftwood sculptures---tales of tail-less inspiration.

 Stones ... stacked in the garden, piled on the porch.  High-tide at the beach even brings a stacking game challenge for those who can build the tallest tower.
Stones collected at the shore are autographed by everyone who visits our cottage, a way to mark your table place and to be pulled out again upon your return ... a way of saying,
 "I was here!"
 Bold circles within circles ... in my art, on and under my feet ... somehow satisfying,
Kandinsky got it right. 

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