Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fused Bunting ... A Happy Band of Flags

Everything outside is grey and white,
so I've added some color at the windows.
This project started with leftover pieces of fusing scraps.

---can't keep from smiling.

After I made the flags, I had to figure out how they were going to be strung together----and I knew it had to be in keeping with my repurposing riff.  This embroidered trim, which takes me back to the 70's era, was found in my sewing closet. I picked it up years ago at a "fabric hoarder's" yard sale ;-}
I'll have to reuse other fabric down the way.

I think I might try fusing a strand of bunting with someone's name spelled out, one letter per flag.
Wouldn't that be fab?!  Custom bunting, anyone?

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