Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walldolls To Go On Goodnow Library Walls---month of April

Monday's on-going class is constructing Walldolls ---imagined robots, nightmares or creatures.  Students are challenged to look at discarded common objects in a new light. They sort, design, cut, drill, wire and glue.   Decisions are made based on color, shape, size, texture, balance and symbolism.  Learning to use tools is an empowering part of the process.  Creativity and problem-solving are evident in this deconstruct / reconstruct atmosphere.
 We are having so much FUN!
 The  month-long exhibit will be in the Young Adult Room at the Goodnow Library.  No Kit, Just creative Wit,  will feature Walldolls and fused plastic collages, all created by students here in my studio.
Sunday's One-Day Workshop had students fusing plastic bags to make bold, colorful fabric.  Essentially, the students collaged and I applied my free-motion stitching on their surface designs .  A completed shoulder pouch, cell phone case and fabulous wall-hanging were delivered a couple days later.

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