Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Process In Progress

  Finally got back to the Pillar Project.   A porch pillar from the old farmhouse next door is getting repurposed; it stood in my basement collecting sawdust for awhile.  Eventually it was chopped into thirds, rough sanded and transferred upstairs.  Ideas percolated and visions were sketched; yet other projects moved forward.  From the dismantled Victorian house  hidden in the woods, another pillar was picked and it too, awaits its own metamorphosis.

 In Her Shoes, has an circus-like weather vane apparatus stemming from its top.
History, souls, ghosts, stories ---flying at me from all directions --- I love this assemblage biz.  Designing, searching, gathering, rearranging, popping storylines --- finding objects that satisfy;  it's a gradual transformation process.

 Day after day I uncover this camoflaged cut, turn it, muse over the juxtaposition of color, texture and text.  Too busy--- not enough--- is it cohesive?
I remind myself to STEP BACK and STEP OUT.
It is almost there.  We both are in progress.

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