Sunday, December 4, 2011

2011 Fall Art Classes

            Fall art sessions inspired students to look at discarded objects with new eyes.
                            These rockin' Walldolls will shake-up plain walls with new life.

She gathered the clues for a different type of Nancy Drew mystery.

Food Fight!
Hand-drills, pliers, glue guns, wire, heavy-duty scissors ... tools of the trade.
graceful dancer
Fishing for memories at the shore

leather, glass, cellulose clay
winter forest

a gift for dad

Four Fun Fridays of Fusing ...
Everybody loved the "magic" in repurposing and fusing plastic bags.

Students made fused plastic bag wall hangings, wrap-mounted on repurposed timber.
* I add the free-motion sewing.

These beautiful student-produced table lanterns glow from within using tea-lights.

Imagine the possibilities!

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