Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Standing at Attention: Found Objects Assembled

I think we are each entitled to a great fall once in our life.
Parents or masked crusaders might
come a-running.

A little "mental mending" is in order.
The Cabinet


The Eagle Has Landed

---from the Noyes Farm series

Medical advice is at our keyboard fingertips.
In grammar school, science and I were miles apart, but an interesting textbook cover
could catch my attention for awhile.
These polkadots and tiny numbers were actually from the inside of a nuclear reactor.
Apollo, in the flesh.

Do you remember where your
 feet were planted as our Apollo spacecraft's
astronauts planted the US flag on the moon?

 The vintage painted timbers I used for the bodies of the assemblages were originally farming implements.  The farmer probably did not have this kind of repurposing in mind for them
---as they were stored up and away in barn rafters for decades.  Last winter's heavy snowfall collapsed that barn's roof and they landed in my creative hands.

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