Friday, June 15, 2012

Repurposed and Well-Traveled

We'll Keep the Light On For You

Road Trip

Been a little busy in the workshop.  Just wish I had stopped to take "Before"pictures.  These Fowl-Playhouses were remodeled.  The wheels on the left were actually on the house on the right and other elements were taken away with new things added. ... and now they both have treats on the inside to be viewed with a little flashlight!

This vintage sled used to hang on the front porch in the winter---now it has a much cooler purpose

The 3 front edge slats
have original paint
and the curvy side pieces
came from a sliced chair leg
This hanging cabinet's red topper came from a child's wagon wheel, sans the rubber tire.

 A neighbor gifted me with four old wooden boxes. They sat in her basement holding nails
for 40years.  My eyes dilated and my pulse quickened as I visualized their future in my studio.

This one attaches to the wall using the holes in the Flexible Flyer piece. If you look closely you can see hooks on the underside.

All of the above,
plus more, are going with me
to the Pettengill Farm
June 23-24. 

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