Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 2012 In My Studio

Construction / Repurposing / Paint
 Sgraffito / Free-motion stitching = one big smile from me.

Mum's The Word.
It was worthwhile to do a little remodeling on one of my Fowl-Playhouses.
I stepped up to bat, took a ball and got a trophy.
SOLD -before I could even take a better photo.

Second Place
Among other things, I got into sculptural teapots.
This was my first one ... now at home with Indigo26 in Texas.
I was treated to a nice Artist In the Spotlight interview there, too.

Green Tea

Red Zinger

                                  *Earl Grey is still brewing in my studio.

*The parts department.

So proud of my students' shoe sculptures. No kit; just creative wit.
They even received a shout-out in a ClothPaperScissors editor's blog.

from farm find ...
... to Danforth Museum School Gallery exhibit.

Soooo glad sewing is second nature.
I can't leaf it alone.

Love doing my free-motion stitching on leather applique pillow designs.

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