Monday, March 31, 2014

Abstract Show

Now exhibiting: Interlopers.
Jurist Bob Collins chose this acrylic piece to be included in the Post Road Art Center's 2014
Abstract Show which runs until May 1st in Marlborough, MA.

This painting could be a poster-child for the admonition to try something new.
Physicality, mystery and adventure kept me hyper-focused.  The paint reduction technique involved creating shadows and light by subtracting paint (as opposed to adding more paint) ---and I loved every minute of it.

Using knives on a gessoed panel substrate, I applied layers of acrylics, working my way up from light to dark.  I then saw the light again by rubbing away the darker layers. It took time and isopropyl alcohol.

Interlopers /acrylic on panel /18" x 24"
 Some of my art students wanted to give it a shot.  Student Raquel S. earned a Silver Key Award in  Scholastic's 2014 Art and Writing Competition.
Art student, Raquel, employed another technique of mine
involving the use of Contact paper. 

In process and upside down.

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