Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Free-Motion Stitching Has Me Climbing the Walls

Ovals, leaves, surfboards ... call the shapes that you want.  Applying FMS to colorful, textured, pliable, lightweight leather shapes and then exhibiting them on a wall brings a new mind-set to the uninspired term, wall-hanging.

detail of FMS (free-mtion stitching)
Leather wall-hanging, 30"x 45"
previously made earthy pillow with similar shaped motif

This large leather wall-hanging SOLD recently at Anthi's Drawing Room, Marion MA.
The earthy colors  and textures in this wall-hanging reminded me of stones in a river or creek bed.
The tricky part in this project was figuring out the path for attachment.
River Stone Flow, 40"

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  1. I followed to your blog from a pillow post on Hometalk. I love your work! The color, texture, creativity and passion for sharing is inspiring. You do wonderful work.