Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bits of Books Produce a Whodunit

Whodunit, is third in this particular series of my found-object assemblages.  Much of the series' content originated from discarded library materials.

Whodunit, 7x24"
 Musty books were sliced-n-diced to create this patchwork drama, including tintype portraits of mysterious ancestors, and a vintage delivery crate from Funk and Wagnals. 
Page curls are due to a wispy bandsaw cut

 The worm-worn timber substrate was salvaged from the dark underbelly of a century-old barn. Its lengthy intricate texture and bronze patina have earned unexpected exposure after a gingerly cleaning and sealcoat of varnish. 
Notice the character in the hat sharing her un-portrait-like hand gesture
---not withdrawn at all.
 A footnote from this gumshoe:  --- Train your eye to spy.  Seemingly tattered and tainted minutia  ---covertly rich in uniqueness, often goes unappreciated by the untrained eye and left on the cutting room floor. Clue in to rough edges, stains and doodle marks; they add character.

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