Monday, September 21, 2015

Grass Skirt Serenade / ukulele sculpture

ukulele sculpture
 barn timber, leather skirt, vintage trophy,
mallet handle, goblet  
Grass Skirt Serenade 
is # 6  in my series of 
stringless instruments.

This ukulele's body was cut long ago, but sat waiting for me to choose which of its painted vintage sides to use. I also needed my muse, the neck piece. 
The burgundy-red side of the barn timber won out after I sifted through leather for the grass skirt edging design. 
An old croquet mallet's turquoise- striped handle swam perfectly with the sarong-wrapped, garland-carrying trophy winner to cap it off.  
A tarnished goblet was twisted off its stem to take center stage and toast the special ceremony. 
Memories of a Hawaiian vacation and my niece's bohemian wedding serenaded me as I collaged the array of hardware on the uke's body. 
This assemblage took awhile to come to fruition, but then some love songs do.

*Dedicated to baby Kawika.
ukulele sculpture
repurposed trophy

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